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Terri Tackles All

Meet Terri. She lives in Tennessee and drives a modified Ford Edge. When Terri was 18 years old, she was diagnosed with a rare spinal condition that slowly took away the use of her legs. This, however, did not slow Terri down. If anything, it motivated her to discover new sports and activities that she may never have tried otherwise. See how Terri tackles all with the help of her Ford Edge and the Ford Accessibility Program.

Terri's Edge

When it came time for Terri to pick her next ride, she wanted something, fun, sporty and with room for all her gear. The Ford Edge fit the bill in every way. Working with the team at, Terri found the right upfitter to install the hand controls she needs to get to her next adventure.

High-Flying Adventure

When it comes to discovering her next thrill ride, nothing is off the table. Hear how Terri discovered the world of ziplining and watch her fly through the air at her local adventure park.

Accessibility Resources

Adaptive equipment includes installed devices and structural modifications that are necessary for a person with a disability to ride in or drive a vehicle. Let us help you get the right equipment for your individual needs.

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