Redefining Horsepower

Whether it’s a trot or a gallop, Terri rises above her challenges to live at her own speed.

High-Flying Adventure

See how Terri discovered the world of zip lining.

Terri’s Edge

When it came time for Terri to pick her next ride, she wanted something fun, sporty and with room for all her gear.

Extreme closeup of a steering device attached to a Ford Edge steering wheel.

Steering Device

A spinner knob consists of an adjustable base and a detachable knob that Terri can comfortably grip with one hand.

A closeup of a hand grasping a hand control handle to the left of a Ford Edge steering wheel.
Hand Control

Terri uses push/pull controls. This device slows the vehicle when pushed toward the floor and accelerates the vehicle when pulled toward the driver.

A woman in a bathing suit sitting on the pool deck next to her wheelchair.

Driving Independence Starts Here

From needs assessment, to vehicle and equipment choice, to financial assistance, the Ford Accessibility Program was designed to guide you every step of the way.

A woman stands by a Ford Transit van with her daughter in her wheelchair. The back doors of the Transit are open and a platform lift is extending out of the cargo area.
Share Your Story

Tell us how Ford modifications help you live a more mobile, independent life.